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Founded on 22 September 2011, PentaEnergon offers a full range of strategic and technical advisory services for renewable energy project investment.


Through years of extensive research and commitment to clients, Pentaenergon has developed sound experience and secured valuable innvestment opportunities for its investor clients, generating increased value for shareholders.


Thanks to completion of € 20 million worth of renewable energy projects, Pentanergon’s turnover reached €750.000 in 2012. This is a remarkable achievement, particularly as Pentaenergon was unable to make much progress in 2011 because of uncertainty about the Italian Renewable Energy Act (“Conto Energia”). At the time, filled with uncertainty about feed-in tariffs and faced with an acute shortage of capital, European banks were reluctant to fund new renewable energy projects. Meanwhile, Pentaenergon directed a significant amount of resources to project research and preparation, which happily enabled it to get off to a quick start once conditions stabilized in 2012.

PentaEnergon is now seeking to bring its Italian and Eurozone investors into the new phase of Renewable Energy projects in Italy. 

In parallel, PentaEnergon, along with the software partner E-Scientia, has developed an innovative tool to constantly monitor and enhance the performance of existing solar plants around the globe: Soleinforma


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