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Our Experience

PentaEnergon is engaged in raising funds for green energy investments, and developing and managing fully operational projects.


To date, PentaEnergon has been instrumental in bringing together three financially strong and well-managed investment groups, which hold substantial stakes in Pentanergon projects through Italpower1, Italpower2 and Britannia Energy. It has succeeded in growing investors’ money and driving change towards green innovation and sustainability.


PentaEnergon has a stake in a groundbreaking ethanol production project in Ontario, which provides a high conversion yield at low operating costs, using flexible feedstock from waste materials, while generating positive environmental benefits.


PentaEnergon has developed and currently manages about 6 MWp greenhouse and roof-mounted solar plants across Italy. The plants are currently generating high power yields and performance is good.

PentaEnergon has developed and currently manages 3 small wind turbines in Scotland

Montanaro, 997 kwp
(Torino, Italy) 
Pachino, 963 kwp (Siracusa, Italy)
Noto, 956 kwp
(Siracusa, Italy) 
Ozieri 932 kwp
(Sassari, Italy) 
Caresanablot 667 kwp
(Vercelli, Italy)
Aprilia 487 kwp
(Latina, Italy)
Acqui Terme 448 kwp
(Alessandria, Italy)
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