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An electronic partner who checks your solar plant every 5 minutes

It provides accurate performance data and live shutdown alarms

What does Soleinforma do?

  • Tracks in real time the efficiency of the solar plant through monitoring its Performance Ratio "PR"

  • Detects and shares plant technical shutdowns in real time

  • Provides detailed information on PR, Energy Production Index, availability and production on a monthly basis

  • Provides short and long term trend information for every KPI

How does Soleinforma work?

  • Using a mathematical model, Soleinforma gives timely information on the health and productivity of Solar power plants, and makes the information available online through Business Intelligence software 
  • The data which feed the Soleinforma model are the actual electricity production as relayed to the export meter every 5 minutes and the hourly radiation from the sun as measured by satellite for the coordinates of the Solar powerplant, adjusted for the positioning of the actual panels

  • Data discrepancies are corrected by intelligent filtering​

What questions does Soleinforma answer?

  • Is my solar plant efficient?

  • How many solar plants in my portfolio are underperforming?

  • What are my critical plants, my priorities and is it worth revamping such plants?

  • Are my agreements with O&M providers using accurate Performance Data to define contractual penalties and rewards? 

  • Can I reduce my monitoring and maintenance costs while increasing plant reliability?

  • How much production and money am I losing because of underperformance and downtime?

To get answers to these and similar questions, please contact us and we will be glad to demonstrate Soleinforma to you, and share with you the results our clients have already achieved thanks to using our system.
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